Monday, June 29, 2009

Called to Rawanda the Land of A Thousand Hills

I found this beautiful Giraffe on the blog of Brett Shreck Immeasurably More in Rwanda who lives in Oklahoma with his family. They are currently working to go to Rawanda to fulfill his calling to serve with the Rwanda Outreach and Community Foundation.

Check Out these great Animal Pictures from Portugal

These adorable pictures are from the blog of Acerca de Mim from Leiria, Portugal. Her blog Just me, an ordinary girl is all in Portuguese and I can't read a word but all the beautiful pictures on her blog says it all.

Another Beautiful Magpie

This is from Tonem's blog Mitt Lille Rom. This is one of the many beautiful pictures on her blog. She has a gorgeous collection of flower and garden pictures aswell.

Welcome to the Jungle

This picture is from Ariel's blog Kluanglunatic Pencarian Sesuatu. She is a self described camera lunatic. Today's post is Monkey Family. This handsome guy is obviously enjoying his snack. Check out Ariel's blog for other cool pics.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kitty Cat's are everywhere

This adorable picture is from Wendy's 3-D Cats. If you're a cat lover you will love this one.

Who's that masked kitty?

This picture is so sweet. It is from the blog LuizCarlos Brasilei. There are some really great pictures on this blog that aren't animals but are worth the look.

Cute Little Birdies

These beautiful birds are from a photo blog Aksutin Grigory .

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Animals from 365 Love Sketch

This blog 365 love sketch has some really cute animal pics. Even these two will give the idea of how diverse the members are. This is an Asian blog, one of the fun things of checking out random blogs in the middle of the night :-)

Sir Parakeet

This little guy caught my attention while I was blog hopping. His colors are so bright and plus I liked all the characters written into the picture, not to mention his eye brow. I found this at kotoriyodiary.